An affluent woman befriends the ruthless tycoon that caused her childhood family tragedy and plots a shrewd revenge.

Act 1
Laura Reddington, at 29, is a successful Genetics Analyst who owns her own company. While attending a  conference she hears of the case of identical twins separated at birth who go on to share similar life patterns but incredibly they both die by accident within days of each other. She requests their DNA as part of her research. Laura’s parents are old money sailing club types. They all attend a fundraiser at the club where we meet Gordon Perlmann, a grandiose club patron and wealthy media tycoon. Laura trains Gordon’s son, Sebastian at sailing.

Act 2
Laura visits an old non-communicative woman in a residential care home. Strangely she refers to her as ‘Mother’. Following this we see an 80’s flashback scene where a car drives over a pier and a young girl and mother are saved.
The company that Laura co-owns is bought by the largest Bio Data firm in the world.
Sebastian, Gordon’s only child dies in a cocaine fuelled JetSki accident. Gordon and his wife are so estranged even the ashes have to be split in two portions.Laura receives the DNA she requested relating to the two identical twins and begins researching. Following this she engages a private detective.

Act 3
Gordon, still grieving, reluctantly attends a global media conference as he is one of the sponsors. The keynote speaker is a US journalist who is handed an envelope the evening before. In her speech she makes the shocking revelation that she has come across verified DNA data to show that a total of five siblings all died ‘accidentally’ within a few months of each other over 20 years ago. Gordon, who isn’t named leaves quickly and flees in his yacht. Laura agrees to join him to scatter Sebastian’s ashes. In a final scene late at night the two are alone at the back of the yacht and Laura declares that she knows he is the man who killed all of his children. By the time Laura wakes up in her berth all hell as broken loose as Gordon is nowhere to be found. Disappeared, without a trace.