Secrets don’t always do what they’re told

Welcome to my feature film screenplay website. If you’re a producer, filmmaker, actor or director and you have an interest in collaborating, I’d love to hear from you. 

Each screenplay is a different story featuring a diverse range of formidable characters. Most are based in Ireland but dip into other locations and cultures, including Iceland, India, the United Kingdom, Spain and the USA. What they all have in common are lives that are partially or entirely concealed and the unfolding realisation that there are always, always, unforeseen consequences to secrecy.

Hope you enjoy this short Proof of Concept video

Love. Without A Trace.

A shrewd lover is so obsessed with secrecy that he is blind to the web of revenge closing in.
Cover your tracks well enough, and you can get away with almost anything. Cover them too well. And you may never find your way back.

Escaping Honour.

A distillery owner hides her gay life in fear of social assassination while her lover is in fear assassination by honour.
Some secrets are too suffocating to escape from. So why try to outrun something when you just can outfox it?


To protect his sister a troubled young man murders his father and swims to a whole new life but retribution lies in waiting.
It’s difficult to disappear. Even more so to make someone else disappear. But what’s really hard, is coming back to life again.


An affluent woman befriends the ruthless tycoon that caused her childhood family tragedy and plots a shrewd revenge.
Sometimes you have to make patience wait a lifetime. Especially when you only get one shot.

“This is a twisty, surprising, and fantastic thriller.

BlueCat Script Analysis on Love. Without a Trace.


Hello and thanks for your interest. I’m Sean Hynes and my day job is in advertising as a Creative Director. The one single thing that I have borrowed from the craft of advertising in writing these screenplays is brevity. There’s nothing in any of these scripts that isn’t there for a reason. The focus is entirely on ideas with fully rounded endings. I’ve enjoyed writing them and hope you get a chance to enjoy reading them.