A shrewd lover is so obsessed with secrecy that he is blind to the web of revenge closing in.

In the tranquil yet deceptive landscape of Iceland, a family’s façade hides deep-rooted betrayal and crime. Justin, torn between fatherhood and embezzlement, faces a life-changing crisis, while his wife Helen, a psychiatrist with secrets of her own, grapples with inner turmoil. The sudden death of Justin’s brother Ed during a family Zoom call shatters their perfect façade, exposing cracks in Justin’s carefully built world. Seeking solace in an affair with colleague Ava, Justin becomes entangled in deceit and lies. As Justin’s affair deepens, he gets involved in embezzlement, funnelling funds to an unknown account in Idaho, where his brother Ed met his end. Pressure mounts when Justin’s father-in-law Haukr confronts him about financial troubles, and the police investigate his fraudulent activities. With the noose tightening, Justin plans an escape, unaware of the complex web of retribution closing in. On a desolate ferry deck, Justin is confronted via video call, revealing a deep betrayal. Justin’s fate is sealed as the ferry carries him away, succumbing to his injuries, leaving the real mastermind to watch his tragic demise coldly.

The contemporary feature script has won over twenty international awards, including:

Best Script – Los Angeles Movie Awards
Best Thriller – Stockholm Film Festival
Best Character Arc – London Paperscreen Awards
Best Thriller – Spain GIL Screenplay Awards
Best Unproduced Script – London Bright International
Finalist – Berlin Filmhaus Festival

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