To protect his sister a troubled young man murders his father and swims to a whole new life but retribution lies in waiting.

Act 1
At 19, Niall O’Connor has had enough and after years of festering and planning he sends his father to his death by pushing him overboard a ferry. Niall manages to swim ashore and create a whole new life. “It’s difficult to disappear. Even more so to make someone else disappear. But what’s really hard, is coming back to life”.

Act 2
Ten years on and Niall O’Connor is now Conor O’Neill. He’s married to Carla, they’re both keen swimmers. It’s through this route that Conor’s younger sister, Elaine, accidentally comes across him through swimming competitions. He is rumbled but Elaine is conflicted as she is now increasingly aware of just how bad their father was. She decides to leave him in peace for now. However there’s a stark warning that if he ever returns home their Dad’s brother is waiting for him in the wings. In fact around this time, Elaine’s boyfriend, Ronan, disappears. He is mistaken for Niall(Conor) and is murdered by the uncle and his son, Andy, on their farm.

Act 3
Ten years on again, Elaine gets in touch to say their mother has died. Conor decides to wait a week and quietly visits the grave. The uncle is now dead but his son, Andy, lies in wait and ambushes him. All Andy has do to is ring the police and Conor will be found out. Elaine offers to give him a highly valued field if he stays quiet. Andy agrees. But Elaine, knowing he can’t be trusted, turns the table and says she wants to know where Ronan’s body is as collateral. Andy refuses but as soon as she leaves Andy goes to the old septic tank to check inside. Of course Elaine is watching and now knows where the body is. But rather than leave it at that, she pushes Andy to his death. It will take time before he’s noticed missing and there’s nothing connecting them by way of motive. Niall O’Connor can remain disappeared and re-emerged as Conor O’Neill, enjoying the rest of his new life.