A distillery owner hides her gay life in fear of social assassination while her lover is in fear assassination by honour.

‘Escaping Honour’ examines the phenomenon of honour killings with an incongruous backdrop of a seemingly idyllic West Coast community in Ireland. 

Andrea Richards, a successful distillery owner, is in a passionate but concealed relationship with the distillery visitor centre manager, Sarah Reddy. Sarah tries to keep a low profile despite her stunning looks and posh English accent. Paul Kealy, an insecure local councillor, isn’t shy about receiving the odd favour or two and accepts a bribe from an Indian businessman called Nirvaan, who needs help with plans for a data centre.

Strangely, Nirvaan now asks Paul’s help in finding an Indian woman called Saira Ravichandran. It’s a matter of honour and would be a personal favour. Paul only knows one Indian woman called Sanaya Nehru. Within a few days, Sanaya dies in a suspicious house fire. Paul is shocked, as is the whole town.

Then, by chance, he comes across a laptop username in a café called: ‘sravichandran’. It turns out to be Sarah, who he follows and discovers the relationship with Andrea.

What follows is a complex twist of revelations and conflict that eventually sees the protagonist running out of the road after Andrea lays a thread of breadcrumbs and traps. The dénouement of the film results in Andrea and Sarah escaping deep-rooted violent threats to their future.