A distillery owner hides her gay life in fear of social assassination while her lover is in fear assassination by honour.

Act 1
Andrea Richards is a successful distillery owner in a west coast town in Ireland. The distillery visitor centre manager is Sarah Reddy who tries to keep a low profile despite her stunning looks and posh English accent. Paul Kealy, an insecure local councillor, isn’t shy about receiving the odd favour or two. Paul accepts a bribe from an Indian businessman called Nirvaan who needs help with plans for a data centre.

Act 2
Strangely, Nirvaan now asks Paul’s help in finding an Indian woman called Saira Ravichandran who he thinks is living in the town. It’s a matter of honour and would be a personal favour. Paul only knows one Indian woman called Sanaya Nehru who’s details he hands over. Within a few days Sanaya dies in a suspicious house fire. Paul is shocked as is the whole town.
Nirvaan meets Paul to explain it was the wrong woman and he owes them information or they will expose him for receiving €50k in bribes. Paul is well out of his depth now.
Then by chance he comes across a laptop user in a café by the name: ‘sravichandran’. It turns out be Sarah who he follows and discovers is in a relationship with Andrea. He explains to Andrea that he needs €200k to repay his dept and save Sarah from discovery. Andrea reluctantly agrees but buys enough time to lay a thread of breadcrumbs and plans.

Act 3
Paul gets his money and on the same day Sarah rents a Kayak and gives her name clearly as Saira Ravichandran. Her empty Kayak, complete with blood splatters is found. Paul is arrested and his house searched. Saira had left files with a solicitor. It’s game over for Paul: lack of alibi, fingerprints, a knife, Saira’s blood on his boat and a bag of money. Nirvaan rings home to say honour has been restored. In the penultimate scene in a sherry winery in Spain Andrea introduces her wife; Sarah Richards. We get a glimpse at the dawn of their new life. The next day Paul is found dead.